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Three collections: Design Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, Men’s Jewellery

Inspired by the “Flower of Life” symbol

Brand ambassador Emma Heming-Willis



Global Celebration: LR Health & Beauty Systems is celebrating its 25th anniversary

Up until the early hours of the morning celebrating around 15,000 employees and sales partners a quarter century of LR Health & Beauty Systems in Frankfurt's Festhalle. The rush to the anniversary party of guests from 30 countries was high. The largest corporate event in company history was themed "The Future starts now."

Bruce Willis presented at a press event his new fragrance line.


The best Starbox ever achieved new sales records in 2009.
With the new top stars Leona Lewis and Markus Schenkenberg and the Desperate Housewives scent LR has again passed the "nerve" of the customer made.



In 2008, ensures the introduction of the new concept car "LR Polo Junior Manager" and the associated spectacular Guinness world record for strong media coverage and public interest.

With the establishment of a new subsidiary in the Philippines in 2007 LR opens the door to the Asian market. About 15,000 people celebrated on 17 November with the official opening of LR at the Coliseum stadium Manila.At the summer party "by LR White Night" 5000 Partner experience in the Dortmund Westfalenhalle the presentation of our sensational product colostrum. It ensures shortly after its launch in July 2007 for spectacular sales records.In the largest competition of LR history, the International LR Champions Race, a total of over one million euros to the top-paid partners.


LR International is to LR Health & Beauty Systems. The new name and the slogan "Feel good. Look great." accurately describe the competencies of the company.
International program remains - America's top stars will be part of the Star LR-box, and the worldwide expansion goes ahead with giant strides: In 2006 we opened offices in Italy, Spain and New Zealand.
The most successful year we celebrate the history of LR, with 14,000 business partners in Dortmund's Westphalia Hall.


LR "goes down under": With the Australian superstar Ian Thorpe, the opening "down under" in Melbourne, a mega-event. At the same time presents the LR world exclusive fragrance line of superstar Ian Thorpe.

For successful annual publication provides the first major catalog LR now also monthly catalogs. Innovative product ideas and attractive offers are for a monthly sales hit.

The subsidiaries and Poland LR LR Turkey are opened.

2004 a record year for LR is that all previously-seen sales figures are dwarfed

LR LR celebrates the opening of Hungary.
This year is also for other, resulting in Ahlen product innovations with the precious juice of the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller.
Obtained for the LR Aloe Vera Care Dermatest a series of "very good".

The newly built LR headquarters in Ahlen Olfetal industrial area in Ahlen / Westphalia, will be obtained. Thus have production and logistics center, and finally managing the same location.

2002, the Aloe Vera year: The Aloe Vera Gel Life Essence comes to the fore. And rightly so: with 90.1% pure Aloe Vera gel and 9% finest honey, it is distinguished as the first aloe vera product with the renowned Institute Fresenius quality seal.

The globally unique Star-box concept is created.

Michael Schumacher is the first celebrity to the LR creates hand in hand a fragrance line, which is also distributed internationally very successful. The Star-box concept is further developed, and now celebrities from sports, radio and television belong to the Star-box family and presented in collaboration with LR their own fragrance or skin care line.

The success story continues. LR gains a foothold in Eastern Europe and Romania opened LR and LR Ukraine.
That same year, Natural Life is lifted from the baptism, dietary supplements with potential for success, and develops within a very short time for the second pillar of the company.

The new LR production and logistics center in Ahlen is inaugurated. Guests of honor and the praise press represented numerous special "model companies with unprecedented service and future-oriented strategies" as well as Germany.

Under the name of Quo Vadis LR presents the first jewelry collection. Another successful approach that also ensures an ever-increasing media coverage of the emerging company.


LR continues to grow, now up to Finland. And as in Germany are in increasing numbers each year, all LR Countries. For the first time in history an international bonus LR is celebrated millionaire.

LR 10 years mean 10 years innovations and ever-increasing success.

1995 to 200 consultants LR her first company car, the Mercedes take LR-2000, received. The Mercedes Benz magazine and also in the press reported extensively. On that October day, a 1.3 km long rolls "snake black car with the lucky star" by Ahlen, a symbol of success for the LR.

LR Design Fragrances are presented, brand new in individual bottles.

Jungle Man and Harem, two of the new fragrance innovation are fast becoming the most popular precious scents and are still among the classics of LR, with still unbroken success.

From our fragrances are the number Racine successful fragrances, including "Singapore" and "Antigua". We also extend the existing product line with additional design fragrances.

The LR business idea goes global: The foundation for the move across national borders has been laid. Austria and the Netherlands are the first countries where foot and summarizes LR can already recorded in the shortest possible time, the first international successes.

With a small but fine selection of high quality perfume, cosmetics and body care products begins the success story of the LR-International.

"L de Racine", and especially the Racine fragrances occur in the single bottle, initially as a number scents a hit.


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