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On the way to global player

Founded in 1985 LR Ahlen. With the entry into the countries of Austria and the Netherlands, six years later, introduced the course for LR's international success. Continuously new markets were opened up.

Today, we are with our 32 countries worldwide companies, 1,000 employees and approximately 300,000 independent distributors of the leading direct sales companies in Europe and are market leaders in many countries.

LR Health & Beauty Systems is now Germany's largest direct selling companies in network marketing.

In the corporate headquarters in Münster approximately 600 permanent employees working in administration and production. Here a large part of high-quality products are manufactured.



Since the founding of LR, we place great value on natural resources, of course, including the latest findings from research and development. How we work with have always experienced raw material suppliers. In-house and external controls of our products also guarantee the consistent high quality of our product range. Every single product goes through a series of costly product testing.


For our products, no animal experiments are carried out.
We never test our products on animals, not even in the Order. Our health and beauty products are manufactured so that you can feel absolutely comfortable going to use them or sell them.

Our products are made from high quality ingredients. As a German company with an excellent reputation, we place great value on top quality ingredients. Our products are sourced from the best sources and are selected from special ingredients that are LR Health & Beauty Systems assigned exclusively

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LR Health & Beauty Systems GmbH, January 2011

LR Health & Beauty Systems GmbH, one of the largest direct sales companies in Germany in terms of care and beauty products, is represented in 32 countries and employs approximately 1,000 employees and approximately 300,000 independent distributors of the leading industry players. His success pillars products include with German Qualita╠łtsstandard, a unique car concept, a professional training and service program for channel partners, a fair and transparent marketing plan as well as cooperation with celebrities like Bruce Willis, Heidi Klum, Leona Lewis, the "Desperate Housewives", Michael Schumacher Boris Becker and Marcus Schenkenberg.

LR is inter alia as a member of the following associations organized: Association of distributors products Cosmetic Association (RLO), Federation of German Industries and Trading Firms for pharmaceuticals, health products, dietary supplements and personal care products (BDIH), Federal Direct Selling Association of Germany eV (BDD). LR is TÜV certified ISO 9001-2008.

We act as a "good citizen" in the responsible management of our environment

LR products are certified and meet the highest standards. As a global company LR still thinks and feels responsible for the local people and countries in which LR operates.

LR assumes worldwide responsibility for specific markets in the LR with the LR GLOBAL KIDS FUND, for example in local charity projects.



More on the LR GLOBAL KIDS FUND and about how you can help, you will learn to




Star Box, "the smallest perfumery in the world" whith all the scents of the LR Stars ideal for sponsorship
 1 Pieces/27,95 €
 3 Pieces/69,95 €
 5 Pieces/114,95 €
10 Pieces/199,95 €

Superstars at LR


 In 2002 LR has created together with Michael Schumacher the first Star fragrance.

From the first generation of Starbox today next to the Formula 1 star even Heidi Klum, Boris Becker and Ralf Moeller is represented with its own fragrance line.

 2009 we presented the second generation of Starbox: Pop star Leona Lewis, supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg and the housewives of the world's most famous - the Desperate Housewives.

 In July 2010, the LR family was bigger, more glamorous, more international: The American superstar Bruce Willis has his first perfume with LR on the market!

 The LR Starbox includes exclusive fragrances and skin care products for men and women, created by and with internationally known stars.


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